Who are we

In 2001, the foundations were laid METAL to become the machine of more than 16 years of change going into every step of not only all of Europe's largest and most successful company in Turkey.

METALAK AŞ, pursuing the aim of harmonization and continuous development of international standards in all its activities, is a universal company that progresses step by step towards the goal of achieving the success it has achieved in its country in the world. Following the latest technical developments in the Metal Machinery Sector, which takes its name from the sector we are dealing with and thus targets the manufacturing sector as a dynamic and innovation target, following the latest trends of technology and in this direction, it has been with its founder Ramazan Karaca since 2001. the new face of the textile machinery market following the winds and rapidly changing technology and growing with each passing day, new investments and projects in producing Metal machine, the heart of Turkey's textile sector, which has been operating in Denizli eminent our city.